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14 October 2005 @ 10:42 pm
ahhhh....im tired and im sad....

at this moment im supposed to be at the mae show at the icon with all my friends but NOOOO ive got an attitude problem with my parents so they decided to keep me in the house while they go out! its not fair! ive been dyin to go to this show but all the say is " alyssa ur just not gettin the message so guess what...ur not goin to ur little show"! AHHHHH I WANT TO SCREAM GOD DAMMIT!!!! im severely pissed, but tomorrows another day! i wonder how they'll ruin that one!!
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Current Music: Mae n Circa Survive (which i should be hearin live)!
10 October 2005 @ 05:53 pm
hey all! sry its taken a while to update....well friday was the community club dance and it was incredible cause i got to see jordan who i havent seen in ages! unfortunately corey decided he was gunna be a jackass and punch him in of all places his back! idiot god! now im listenin to streetlight who i havent listened to in ages! and my weekend has been pretty uneventful cept my aunt and uncle are comin in from texas today! great i wont be able to play my music in the mornin AHHH!
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01 October 2005 @ 02:07 pm
omfg ted leo was fuckin amazing!!! it was seriously one of the best concerts ive been to yet!...the two openin bands made me wanna seriously commit suicide...to quote nikki...they made my heart cry! me and mia and where have all the rude boys gone (my 2 faves) were absolutely kick ass....we saw a whole shitload of kids from our skool there...like emily, alicia, brian rick, and the newmans...the other ppl i had no clue who they were. great ppl...but i dont like em cause they got to meet ted leo!! nah theyre still cool. ted leo was friggen hilarious...."ok its early and its wednesday"...but some crazy character decided he was goin to call em flat footed mother fuckers!? i dont understand it, but whoever that dude was he needs to get off whatever hes on! lol well thats about it so comment and make me smile!
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Current Music: uhhh lemme think TED LEO DUH!
18 September 2005 @ 03:26 pm
ahhh the dance on friday was pretty fun...with the exception of sumone settin off a stink bomb! that wasnt to pleasant...today im prolly hangin out with my good buddy shay...and im amped about ted leo on the 28! still ponderin if i should go to against me!

ewww skool tomorrow...weekends are never long enough...life isnt so peachy!...

gangsters and clowns with a stereotyped sound
it's coming like a ghost town - someone always knew it.
hatred and shame, a racialist game
cycles of blame - someone sang me through it.
who? well it's easy to see.
ooh - we could dance to be free.
ooh - to that 2-tone beat!
but it looks like it's gone...
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13 September 2005 @ 04:06 pm
hello all! not that theres that many of u that read this thing but...oh well. omfg ted leos playin at the icon at the 28! be there or be a monkey! and to top it off against me! is playin on the 25!! fricken a...im broke so im gunna have to figure a way to go with no cash! and now im chillin with my good buddy nik! shes quite the rocker, and sportin purple ribbons! and of course my other good buddy javier! we're like a group of fuckin triplets!! lol im outtie!!
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06 September 2005 @ 10:53 am
well sunday was amazing!! cause as u kno it was my gmas n aunts bday....and for a surprise my cousin laura came over and i missed her so much...it felt so good to hug her again!! tho i couldnt hug her too tight cause she got big with baby savanna!!! and my cousin dana went in the back and was like gramma i have a surprise for you (grammas blind so she didnt see her comin), someones here to see you!...my gramma had her face in her hands cryin sayin "ohh i kno who it is" then laura and her were cryin and huggin and then the rest of us were cryin cause it was so cute!! ya its hard knowin that laura couldnt be here today....she lived in base st. louis down in mississippi and her apartments gone :(....i luv her so much!

well that was sunday...yesterday i got my hair chopped off and im gettin used to it....and i went to the free beach boyz concert witch was amazing!!! and today ive got the big NOT ON TRACK SHOW!!! well CATCH 22 show but N.O.T is playin with em which is awesome...but mike (kickass bassist) has mono so he cant go...tears for mike...well thats all and ill update l8er...lyl
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04 September 2005 @ 05:49 pm
hey havent updated in a while!....well i went to cleveland and went to the rock n roll hall of fame with my parents and nikkio!! it was amazing..i was completely at home! anyone who luvs rock n roll should definitely go there, we were there from 10-4 so u can guess how much we luved it!! then the next day we went to the cleveland zoo which was awesome cause they had a new snow leopard cub! so cute cause it jumped up in the air and spread its legs out like it was doin a russian!! completely adorable!! well now im home and we're celebrating my gramma n aunts bday! twins lol! leave a comment to make me smile...luv ya!
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Current Music: Just the Girl! great song
27 August 2005 @ 10:58 am
well last night was major fun! i went to the mall with chrissy and shay and we heard about shays romantic weekend in Virginia Beach! and im even more amped about September 7th cause now its definite that Not On Track is play in with Catch! its gunna be an amazin way to conclude the first day of skool! now im board and its 11:01 which is a crazy time for me to be up watchin Drive Me Crazy. its kinda weird tho cause melissa joan hart has no magical powers...hmmm...well thats it so comment...and i dont care who u are i just wanna kno who reads this thing!
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24 August 2005 @ 07:07 pm
cmon ppl...only two comments last time! and both from the same person!...thats sad...well im bored as hell cause i was sposed to hang with chrissy but shes gotten real busy tonite! lol and im lookin forward to shoppn with shay kt and chrissy on friday!! out with the girlies, lotsa funness! well september 7th is gunna be amazing for more reasons than one..first skool, funness, and then my friend mikes band might get to play with CATCH 22 at the ICON!!! woot woot...they got 2nd in the ska battle of the bands so everyone has to be there to see NOT ON TRACK in their finest hour!! so ya safe to say im psyched! well thats about it so im out!
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17 August 2005 @ 01:05 pm
wow havent written in a while!...insane weekend to talk about...first of all shays campin party was awesome!! so much fun with kelsey shay chrissy sarah and mel...and we all thought we were gunna get killed cause there were these golf carts circling our cabin and then one of em knocked on the door and i was holdin this metal pole about to bust a cap in whoevers ass was outside! just a security guard tho...lol. then on saturday i had PAPPAS'S SWEET 16! she looked soo beautiful...she was wearing this realli pretty white dress and her hair was all done up and everything...safe to say things were a lil awkward with gomes and rachel there but oh well we delt...im not sure whats gunna happen next but its all good cause i realli dont care at the moment! oo and me n nikkio are goin to cleveland sometime next week to see the ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME!! woot woot! its gunna be soo much fun...well thats about it....i got one comment last time...LETS SEE IF WE CAN GO FOR 2!
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